Stepwise (M22)


University lecturer Dr. Ir. Peter Peters



Associate Professor Dr. Lu Yuan


Course: DAR210





After preparing a three month trial in the previous semester, I executed the three month trial with 50 elderly participants.


The aim was to investigate persuasive principles in visualizations of physical activity for elderly, whom were tracked with a Mi Band. Though, there a data losses were suffered, still differences could be searched between prevention and promotion focused people.


These differences led to insight in differences of experiences of days, which may be useful to design for increased physical activity. Also a number of recommendations on the persuasive principles were given.


A lot of insight was gained on doing workshops   and doing research with elderly participants. They experience activities more exhaustive than younger people. Some have less understanding of the exercises they were confronted with and needed more help.


Next to this visualizations were co-designed with the participants of the research. Also here different results were found. Most participants liked the visualizations, but not all. This may be due to previous experiences they had with similar looking visualizations.



Main competencies:


- Math, Data and Computing

- User and Society