Stepwise (M21)


Assistant professor Dr. Oscar Tomico



Associate Professor Dr. Lu Yuan


Course: DAR210


Verdict: P





Preparing my final master project in the REACH consortium. It started with helping the facilitation of the workshops during a consortium meeting in Eindhoven. Here the consortium was planning on doing user research with and ideating for elderly visitors of ZuidZorg Extra.


These workshops helped me to dive into the REACH project. I was interning at Philips Design in this semester and helped processing the results from the results from this meeting. And prepared, with others, to prepare the workshops at other application partners.


Then there was a so called consolidation workshop, in which the results of the four consortium meetings at the four application partners were put together to build upon the existing ideas and link similar ideas.


It was in this semester that I researched what my contribution to REACH would be. I proposed a project to explore the opportunities to apply persuasive principles in visualizations to elderly.


I came to this idea by my personal experiences with the Mi Band, and through coaching during a USE Learnline. During which other students were also exploring possibilities with the Mi Band, which I used as input for my project.


Toward the end I proposed a three month trial in which elderly participants would work with me to develop visualizations that would persuade them into a more active behavior.


Main competencies:


- Teamwork and Communication

- Design and Research Processes