Research Technology Acceptance

The research led to a proposal of steps, where users of technology would be introduced to the features of the technology step by step.


In the first phase the technology (in this case) Sanna did nothing. The assignments ans feedback were given by the researchers.


In the final phase the technology gave all the instructions and feedback. The researchers only were present to control the ball, as it was not actually intelligent.


Main competencies:


- Technology and Realization

- User and Society

Sanna (M11)


Assistant Professor

Dr. Ir. Emilia Barakova



Associate Professor Dr. Lu Yuan


Course: DPM111/DPM112


Verdict: P





Researching technology acceptance trough the use of technology was the intention of this project. Here we developed a ball that instructed elderly to do specific exercises.


This led to a split int the project. Being Sanna and the research itself.



Sanna was designed to be an exercise ball. The instructions were given to the participants by a clear voice. After execution the ball provided feedback to the user. This was achieved during the project by a battery powered Arduino that was controlled with a remote control.


Sanna turned out to be very interesting to the elderly participants. They enjoyed working with Sanna very much.


Later this project was continued by Anke Gerardts. After her iteration the concept of Sanna was taken over by ZuidZorg and a fitness equipment builder for further explorations.