Medicine Cards (M12)


Professor Dr. Matthias Rauterberg



Associate Professor Dr. Lu Yuan


Course: DPM120


Verdict: P




BMC's and Kit


Medicine cards was a project where I did  research to test a possibly viable solution to medical adherence problems.


From the elective Activating Your Innovation Radar a proposal was made for medicine cards. I evaluated those cards and redesigned these, to then validate these cards, compared to the original cards.


Medicine cards aim to provide a bridge between elderly and the by law required medicine information leaflet or 'bijsluiter' in Dutch.


The aim was to set up a collaboration where a medicine producing company assisted me with the accuracy of the leaflets. This would enable me to deploy the cards into the lives of people. This turned out to be more challenging than expected.


After I decided to look into the value of the medicine cards for this partner to later convince them to commit more to the project. I mapped with caregivers and design students who assumed a role of informal caregiver, pharmacist or insurance company employee. This way I wanted to represent as many interests as possible. Towards the end I tried to get in touch again with the medicine producing company, but my contact had left the company and left me no replacement.


I did a validation of the medicine cards themselves by having people compare the two different cards. I found no significant differences. I did follow guidelines to improve the design.


Main competencies:


- Design and Research Processes

- Business and Entrepreneurship