During my studies I worked on different projects and electives. So called subjects. Most of my work revolves about designing for the elderly citizen of our society.


I want to make contribution to improving the lives of those who took care of us. I believe I am an empathic designer who can understand the user's needs. When designing for elderly I want to take their viewpoint into account.


I worked a lot with elderly, which comes natural to me and takes little effort of me. I have developed myself during my master training at Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.



Carlijn Valk MSc. described me as the charm-student of the elderly guests of ZuidZorg Extra. A place where elderly come together and where I did quite some projects.


Starting a masters with a non-university bachelor degree for me meant that I had very little knowledge of science. Writing or reading. During my electives and projects I worked hard on learning how to do this. Though not my favorite activity I am now able to work with science as a master should.


Below you find the competencies I have developed during my master, linking to the activities in my portfolio.



What to do after my master... A question I have asked myself a long while. Eventually the answer was right in front of me.


I have started a design company with a friend from my bachelor. Buro Ruig. We have designed an airplane lamp. Which we are planning to bring to the market after my graduation and expand the collection of the lamps.


The lamps are made with 3D printing and laser cutting. We both love to prototype. Peter Overgaauw, my parter has done his graduation at Ultimaker. He is still working there on the R&D department, as I have.

Next to Buro Ruig, I will be working with Jens Gijbels. A former teacher of my bachelor. He has set up the Fundamentals Academy at Utrecht. At this academy students are trained to become designers.


What my exact role will be is still unclear. What I have to offer is. As a trained designer, with experience in prototyping and good organizational skills there is a lot I can do. Also I have done coaching activities during my master, which I highly enjoyed doing.


I am looking forward to working at the Fundamentals Academy. It feels like I have completed a circle. Eight years of being trained and learning in design, results in becoming the trainers.


The student becoming the master.