KIVI, Royal Institute for Engineers (Koninklijk Instituut Voor Ingenieurs) has different departments. It also has the department Industrial Design. Of this department I am a member of the board.


Every year we organize a ten lectures per year, called a  KIVI College. Here different designers of alls sorts tell their story of the world that entails design. Our speakers usually the story behind a success. I am always curious the things that went wrong, and how they solved the issue. We want to be a group of peers being 'amongst peers', so failures can be shared and discussed. Promotional talks of a company is less interesting to us.


Couple times per year we have a KIVI Special. During such a special we organize an excursion to a company and we get a broader insight in such a company.


I have recently started an Instagram page of our department, in pursuit of new an younger members our our department. Our website



I have trained myself with photography. Exploring the possibilities of photography and Adobe Lightroom. I like very much to work with photo's. Though I need to feel I have the time for this. I take the best pictures when I am most at ease.


I want to develop this further en learn to take pictures of people. Portrait photography will be my nest goal in this. See my Instagram for more.

Buro Ruig


Buro Ruig, a design company I have with a friend has been on my my mind too. Together we have 3D printed a scale model of the province of South Holland for LINT Landscape Architecture, see movie.


The Airplane lamps we have designed are now almost ready for the launch. We have not been working a lot on the Airplane lamps recently because of my graduation. After my graduation we will of take off with Buro Ruig, to sell our Ruige Lampjes, as our planned series lamps are called.