Design a coffee ritual was the assignment. We decided, after evaluating different ways to make coffee, to use the Moka Express or percolator as the central point for our ritual. We as a team valued the octagonal shape of the percolator. We wanted to emphasize the shape in the rest of the artifacts that we found important to the coffee drinking ritual.


Through 3D printing, woodworking, clay an ceramics we designed a set which allows to make coffee for two people, prepared by one, to care for the other. The set contains a box in which all the artifacts and stock are contained. When using the box, the serving tray, which is the lid, is taken of. This exposes all the needed materials. They tray is special in itself. It is made from two separate pieces. The plates that support the artifacts of the coffee ritual sink slightly in the tray when it is lifted, encapsulating the artifacts and keeping them in place.


When the tray is placed on the table, it elevates the artifacts, presenting it to the people who are about to share a coffee. Please have a look at the video.


Main competencies:


- Design and Research Processes

- Creativity and Aesthetics


Designing Rituals


Assistant Professor Dr. Ir. Piere Lévy


Course: DDM311



Jeroen Alblas

Lucas Haude

Harm van Hoek

Fabienne van Leiden

Koert Mulders

Virginia Rispoli

Ivar Kraaijevanger


Grade: 7



Ritual Visual