Designing against loneliness

After reshuffling the teams I was designing for lonely elderly.


After the handover, where we experienced the empathy game the previous team had devised, we were primed to design for the new target group of lonely elderly. We were also presented with two concepts which we based further work on.


The final concept was a activity planner. A board that is located in a place where elderly come together. Here elderly can see who is organizing which activity and sign up for those activities. The ones who joined the trip would then at a later moment come together to evaluate the trip, a reunion of sorts.

Scenario 1 (left) and 2 (right) used in the co constructing stories exercise.

This concept was then discussed with elderly at ZuidZorg with a co-constructing stories approach. From this it was learned that not all activities are suited for everyone.


It was found that elderly did not really care about organizing activities. They experience the task as too big, though they do not mind suggesting ideas for trips.


After looking more in the data and interviews it was found that lonely elderly are hard to reach. But most elderly receive homecare. The final proposal then to use the places or people lonely people do encounter to make them aware of neighbourhood homes, as ZuidZorg, to involve them and decrease loneliness.


Main competencies:


- User and Society

- Teamwork and Communication

Researching Refugees

This elective was divided in two parts. Int the first part a team would frame the theoretical background of a project and create an empathy game.


The teams would be reshuffled and immerse themselves into the new project with the empathy game.


To me, the first team researched refugees. Refugees need help integrating in their new society. We researched refugees by interviewing refugees, using a tool we developed ourselves. The tool was shaped as a a time line, with laser cut icons and smiley's and pictures to trigger stories, which could be discussed with the researcher.


A video of the 'game' was made to show the struggles of a refugee in a new country, where she or he does not know anything.


Designing for User Experience:

Theory and Practice


Professor Dr. Ir. Berry Eggen


Associate professor

Dr. Jacques Terken


Course: DCM412


Team 1:

Harm van Hoek

Florentijn Proost

Veerle Wijshof

Ivar Kraaijevanger


Team 2:

Max Blondeau

Thilly Coppelmans

Ivar Kraaijevanger



Grade: 7



Report Loneliness

Report refugees