Constructive Design Research


This elective familiarized me with different research methods.


The choice was showroom, field or lab. I chose lab as this would learn me the most on the preciseness of the research.

My team focused on design for charitable behavior. We looked whether or not there was an influence of the physicality of an interface has effect on decision making of the users.


We performed two decontextualized studies. The difference was that the first study had a digital and the second one with a physical interface.


During the research we focused on excluding as many variables as possible. Eventually leading to a prototype, where were could interchange the physical buttons with screens.


The first version was a questionnaire about the quality of the campus, and what possible improvements may be. Afterwards the participants were asked if they wanted to keep or donate their reward to a charity.


The second iteration asked participants to divide 10 lottery tickets over themselves and a charity after the same questionnaire as the first experiment. The lottery was about 50 Euros. More tickets for themselves meant more chance to earn these 50 Euros, but less chance for the charity.


After the experiment the participants also completed a questionnaire. After analysis, a significant correlation was found between 'fun' experienced and  charitability of the participants was found.


Though we did not find a conclusive answer, there was a suggestion of selfish behavior with the digital interface.


Main competencies:


- Design and Research processes



Dr. Ir. Stephan Wensveen


Course: DHM310



Joren Broekema

Marijn Bults

Lucas Haude

Sebastiaan Krijnen

Bert Maas

Thijs Roeleven

Ivar Kraaijevanger


Grade: 7