Challenge 2

The second challenge was to design a new layer for a smart home system that allows visualizations to play the major role in communicating with users for information.


We designed as system that would track peoples wasting behavior punish or reward people accordingly in three ways.


A painting in their homes would change according to depletion of resources as a consequence of their behavior so everybody at home or visiting can see your behavior.


A shopping basket that would drop out waste that you would have to drag along with you through the store to publicly shame you.


Increased pricing of the products that the community wasts too much, and thus buy too much. So that pricing would punish everybody if only one person wastes too much.


Main competencies:


- Technology and Realization

- Creativity and Aesthetics

Challenge 1

In the first challenge it was the intention to put together a data set, to use it later to visualize the data. For us the data set was was about the quality and amount of hospitals in Europe. We wanted to visualize the data as a means to compare countries on their quality of healthcare.



Assistant Professor Dr. Mathias Funk


Course: BDM120



Marijn Bults

Wouter van Geesink

Tom van Veen

Ivar Kraaijevanger


Grade: 8



Challenge 1:





Challenge 2:






Designing Information Products: Beautiful Data