Designing for increasing activity amongst senior citizens of our society is challenging. For ZuidZorg Extra, who was the client of the elective we designed a way to make activities of ZuidZorg Extra more entertaining. By doing this, activating them to participate in more activities so they become more active.



The concept of Time Journey, or 'Tijd Reis' in Dutch was designed to create a service platform that would encourage reminiscence. The proposed concept is as follows.


Elderly sign up to do go on an activity together. During the activity pictures are taken with a Polaroid camera. The instantly printed pictures are collected. After the excursion the participants drink some coffee together at ZuidZorg and evaluate the day. They can stick the pictures on a template and write some comments on the activity with it. This way their still fresh memories, jogged by the pictures captures their trip and they can show and look back on the trip later with others.


This concept was tested, the team took the participants to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and guided them along the way. At the end the day was evaluated with the participants.


Main competencies:


- Business and Entrepreneurship

- User and Society


Activating Your Innovation Radar


Associate Professor Dr. Lu Yuan


Professor Ad van Berlo


Course: DAM10



ZuidZorg Extra



Madga van Dijk

Jiachun Du

Zengjia Zuo

Ivar Kraaijevanger


Grade: 8